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Moot court Law Essay Research Coursework Paper Term Paper (Essay Sample)


A moot court where i was representing JWC


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ALF without consent of JWC flew over JWC's property filming the mulesing of JWC lambs. In such, it was a violation of their privacy as the company is entitled to running its operations privately. ALF was in clear violation of invasion of privacy as the film was taken without the consent of JWC. The court of appeal dismissed the appeal of invasion of privacy, but we wish to cross-appeal on the grounds that the film was conducted without the consent of JWC on their property and that the air of the film had direct reparations' on the company; it led to lower sales from wool buyers in Italy. ALF’s appeal on confidentiality is misguided because the effects the air of the film they took without JWC’s consent were adverse on the company.

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