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National Infrastructure Protection Plan and Risk Management Framework (Essay Sample)


Analyze the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and Risk Management Framework, located at, and conclude how it has been designed to protect the nation is critical infrastructure. Determine the purpose of the feedback loop design and argue how it strengthens or weakens the model. Justify your response. Decide if taking a risk management approach is suitable for protecting the nation is critical infrastructure. Support your response. Choose the one (1) step that is the most important or has the greatest impact on the other steps of the Risk Management Framework and describe why. Discuss two (2) criticisms of the NIPP model and suggest ways of dealing with those criticisms.


Infrastructure Protection and Risk Management Plan
The 21st century world is characterized by a wide range of both natural and manmade threats and hazards that include but not limited to terrorism attacks, natural calamities, accidents and other form of emergencies. These threats and hazards expose critical natural infrastructure and key resources to either direct or indirect risk. An effective national infrastructure and resources protection system should prioritize prevention of catastrophes that may lead to loses of lives and management of disruptive impacts that may tamper with national economies. In the United States of America, the national infrastructure protection plan (NIPP) has been put in place to manage and reduce the effects of the most serious threats and risks that the national faces. The current NIPP has achieved the above objectives by coming up with a strategy that strikes a balance between the nation’s resiliency and a well focused and risky conscious prevention, protection and preparedness plan (Department of Homeland Security 2009). The NIPP plan, which operates under critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) protection framework, carries out its operations by integrating a vast network of federal agencies, local government agencies, private sector and regional consortia. The overall aim of the NIPP plan is to incorporate multiple jurisdictions and authorities in unifies yet flexible way in enhancing the country’s CIKR protection.
The feedback loop design is a critical part of the NIPP for it tracks the...
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