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Philosophical and practical Approach for Balancing Issues (Essay Sample)


the essay is about criminal justice processes and policies and is in the firm of questions


Philosophical and practical Approach for Balancing Issues
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Philosophical and practical Approach for Balancing Issues
Question one
The philosophy of balancing individual rights versus public protection is derived from the atheory that the common good or order of the people should come first before the individual, liberties. The common rights and goods of the people should be protected in the eye of the public. This is a crucial aspect of criminal justice, and it entails offering safety and bigger rights to the public as compared to individuals (Williams, 2012). The approach emerged from the traditional nomadic life where individual nomads had the right to do what they wanted, including taking revenge on other raiders and abductors. However, as time progressed, society saw the need for a consensus built society, and this is what helped the community to have power over individuals (White, 2019).
My approach is based on the utilitarian theory, which evaluates the right from wrong in the lens of outcomes. This approach holds that the greatest choice one should embark on is the one that brings about the greatest result for the greatest number. The perspective is in many aspects used in the military war and even in the business world. In this respect, I stand with the principle that individual rights are supposed to be limited in order to enhance the common welfare in observing social order and protecting citizens. In understanding the effects of individual versus public rights, it will be critical first to evaluate each outcome and genuinely ensure that individual rights are limited in favor of the common good. For example, a person who threatens to bomb a city or an entertainment part using social media should be arrested and limited from making such threats for the public good.

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