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Write a paper analyzing a California proposition that appeared on the state ballot from 2004 to 2014. (Essay Sample)


Write a paper analyzing a California proposition that appeared on the state ballot from 2004 to 2014. the paper should not only include a summary of the ballot measure, but a detailed narrative describing the proposition's political background, the election campaign, results, and finally the political and economic consequences stemming from the proposition.
Proposition 19
November 2, 2010
Changes California Law to Legalize Marijuana and Allow It to Be Regulated and Taxed. Initiative Statute.
Required components:
1. provide a brief but specific summary of how the proposition would alter existing laws or the state constitution.
2. describe the political that prompted the ballot proposition to be qualified and placed on the ballot.
3. Identify who were the major supporters and opponents of the proposition and describe their respective position.
4. discuss the election strategy and resulting campaign from both sides.
5. present the electoral results, including regional, demographic, and/or other forms of electoral analysis. also provide some insights on why the proposition passed or failed
6. What were the political consequences of the proposition failure or passage ? how did the proposition alter the political and fiscal climate in California?


Proposition 19
Institutional Affiliation
This proposition that was balloted on November 2, 2010, was named Changes California Law to Legalize Marijuana and Allow It to Be Regulated and Taxed. Initiative Statute. Marijuana has been criminalized for many years in most countries in the world. In America, cannabis is illegal in most states. California Proposition 19 was a ballot initiative that was proposed on November 2, 2010. This proposal was supposed to legalize different marijuana-related activities in California. It would also allow the federal government to impose several fees and taxes on the use of marijuana hence making money for the government.
Furthermore, this law would allow local governments to regulate the use of marijuana and impose various criminal and civil penalties. Such penalties would be made to help deter people from using marijuana without following the right regulations (Kamin, 2018). There would be many effects of this bill if it passed successfully. Some of the marijuana-related activities that would be legalized include the possession of not more than 28.5 grams of cannabis for only personal use. A person aged 21 years and older would grow marijuana for personal use if only they grew it in the space of 25 square feet or less. More so, a person aged above 21 years would use marijuana in non-public places such as homes or other public places licensed for that purpose.

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