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Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine (Essay Sample)


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briefly Discuss the pros and cons of employment at will docrtrine


Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine
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Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine
The employment-at-will doctrine has been a useful employee management tool for years in the United States. It hypothesizes that employees can indefinitely fire their employees with or without a valid reason. Although there are provisions under the laws and employments statutes that protect employees, many states practice the doctrine if the reason for dismissal is just. This doctrine can be advantageous or detrimental to both the employees and employers.
To the employers, at-will employment allows for quick termination of non-performing workers. This doctrine can be advantageous or detrimental to both the employees and employers. For example, “unionized employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are likely entitled to just cause for termination, as a result of collective bargaining” (Gorshunov et al 2019; p 41). Employees under contract are dismissed only when such procedures as the following are completed.
Employee case is heard and determined, all benefits awarded, among others. What happens to at-will engagement? All these barriers are eliminated because the employer does not answer to anyone while terminating engagement. On the other hand, Gorshunov et al (2019), notes that employees can also terminate their contracts indefinitely if they find other opportunitie

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