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Public Policy From Research - Cyntoia Brown’s Case Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Investigate public policies that were instituted based on research
conducted on a criminal justice topic involving police, courts, and/or
corrections. What does the research explain? How did the researchers
come to the conclusion that a particular intervention would alleviate
the problem being studied? What type of study was conducted? Was it
the best method for researching the problem? Explain. How was data
collected, reported, and evaluated? Are there any ethical implications
resulting from the study and its results? Explain. Be sure to cite all
sources and follow the APA format.


Cyntoia Brown’s Case
Students Name
Professors’ Name
Cyntoia Brown’s Case
On the issue of Juvenile sentencing, American laws have always faced harsh criticism when compared to other developed countries. America leads in the number of youths that are under incarceration. Moreover, laws on the issue vary greatly from state to state.
Flores (2020) argues that in 2004, while Cyntonia was 16 years old, she was arrested for murder and sentenced with no parole until she is 67 years old. Since the jury and the courts were convinced that she was guilty and that was her fate. Jonny Allen had solicited for sex in exchange for money from her and they headed to his home. She had got scared that the man (Jonny Allen) would kill her and shot the man who had solicited for sex from her at his residence. The man had been boasting to her how he has many guns in the house. This attracted journalists who even did a documentary on her named “Me facing life: Cyntoia’s Story”.

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