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Stalking Intake Form (Essay Sample)


The paper entailed analysis of a situation and subsequently put together an intake, evaluation, and assessment instrument to be used in taking information on stalking situations. The paper reflects contemporary information and legal definition of the crime of stalking, and what factors distinguish the most serious situations.


Stalking is a crime that encompasses the malicious following, harassment either physically or over the internet. According to Florida statutes (2013), a stalker is an individual who engages in actions or conducts that are directed toward a person and the actions eventually cause significant emotional stress. Additionally, the distresses doe not cause any justifiable purposes. In most cases, the conduct does not include legally acceptable behavior. For instance, the law does not allow an individual to experience any form of threats from a stalker. It is worth noting that the present developments in the society have resulted in new definitions of stalking. Whereas the motives remain unchanged, stalking has taken different dimensions mostly due to advancements in technology and computing. Pursuit patterns vary but the most common types are physical pursuit and telephoning. Consequently, a number of legislations have been instituted to cover the various forms of stalking. In context, this means engagement in an act of communication to, or the intention to receive messages in form of electronic media (Florida 784, 1d). It is interesting to note that most stalking victims are females even thought is known that presently there are same sex relationships.
It is agreeable that the levels of stalking that constitute a felony are varied. Stalking is thus classified into different categories based on the intention of the defendant. Meloy (2006) identifies different typologies for the evaluation of a stalker. He observes that the three groups of victims are possible. These include prior sexual intimates, prior acquaintances and strangers. The time span is often measured in months and years. It is fundamental to identify the major issues that influence the definition of a grave stalking case. In the following intake form, the questionnaire is designed to enable the attorney craft a case that is formidable and worth quoting to warrant retribution and or conviction in court of law (Browster 2008).
Client intake form
The purpose of an initial interview is for the attorney to recommend the admissibility of alleged stalking. The rationale is not to give a perfect legal opinion but to assess the gravity of matter .The following questions will enable the attorney understand the nature of the complaint.
Name ____________________________________________________________Last First Middle nameAddress___________________________________________________________Briefly explain the instances that led to the current condition and the problem that you need assistance as regards the case.
Is the case involving any parties? (Examples: a friend, an employer, a neighbor. This should include parties on either side of your issue both witnesses and possible defendants)
Party_____________________________ Relationship___________________________
Party_____________________________ Relationship___________________________
On the lines below, list the documents (papers) that you think may help us to understand the issues. This should include any copies or logs extracted from e mails, short messages (SMS’s) and chat room messages.
Ideally, if things turn out precisely the way you want, what would the outcome be?
Given the fact that there may be no guarantees, what are you willing to accept?
State the time span that the alleged stalking has been on going?
Has the stalker used threats and presented possible physical harm?
Can you admit that the accused is known to you in a manner that you can adequately prove this fact in front of the court?
What has been the previous relationship between you and the alleged offender? Please verify if passionate or mutual?
If your answer in the above question is passionate, state the level of intimacy. (In this question please verify if the alleged offender has been in close contact with you for the past six months).
Do you feel cut off from family or friends, it is possible to state that the incidences deprive you the freedom to see your friends, family, doctor or others
Please grade your exigency in handling this issue? (Tick one)
[ ] Critical – P...
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