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Cause, Impact, and Solution to Global Warming (Essay Sample)


write an essay on Cause, impact, and solution to global warming


Global Warming
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Global Warming
Global warming is the excess emission of carbon (IV) oxide into the environment, acting as a cover, thus trapping heat and warming the planet. The major cause of global warming is energy supply contributing to about 25.9% of the effect experienced across the globe (Map, 2017). The energy supply involves burning fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil, emitting carbon (IV) oxide into the environment and causing global warming.
The major impact of global warming is linked to health. As global warming is causing climate changes, there are increased risks of injury, illness and death. Extreme heatwaves from global warming are dangerous for individuals suffering from diabetic, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (Huber & Gulledge, 2017). For example, In Europe, during the 2003 summer, several people lost their lives due to heat-related impacts.
There is no single solution to the emission of carbon (IV) oxide into the environment. But, the best approach of reducing the emission of carbon (IV) oxide to the environment to reduce global warming is boosting the efficiency of the energy. Due to modern technology, people use energy to power, cool or heat

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