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Major Development Issues In Childhood, Adolescence, And Adulthood (Essay Sample)


This task was about importance of Developmental Science, Defining Assumption, Major Development Issues in Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood.


Developmental Science
Developmental Science
Importance of Developmental Science
Development science, as it can also be deduced from the term itself is a study about the development of an individual and is relevant to early almost all stages of life from childhood through adulthood. It is due to the fact that human life is a constant journey of development at all of these stages of development including biological, physical, physiological, mental, emotional and psychological. Due to the sensitivity of human development and the changes a person goes through, the entire field of development science is dedicated to the discussion of how a person grows and what can be done to mainstream his life.
The reason development science is crucial in the field of psychology is that psychology generally deals with the human mind and behavior and development is something that plays a pivotal role in that entire journey. This science assists in understanding the lifespan of a person and explore the development stages he goes through to turn into the person from past to present and future. Development science is responsible for analyzing many phases of human and is also capable of providing a deeper insight into human intellectuality about growth and development in short and a long-term.
Defining Assumption
Like many other subjects and domains, development science has some underlying assumptions as well that are focused on making the theories and models more streamlined. One of the most significant assumptions which are based on facts and real-life scenarios is the fact that human development is dependent on a combination of personal and social factors. For instance, behavioral tendencies of a teenager would not only depend on his personal upbringing, his family history and how he has been raised but what sort of connection he has with the society would also matter a lot in this regard. Other than the fact that human biology and family history holds a crucial role in a person's development, the society has an equally prominent position in determining how he turns out to be. This social impact applies to all stages of human life including childhood, adolescence, and adulthood that while some behaviors and tendencies are pre-determined, others are learned from the society. In this regard, the concept of learned behavior is also important to talk about. Humans learn behavior from their surroundings as well, and while some things are in his natural fabric, others can be taught.
Major Development Issues in Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood
In each of the stages of life, there are several developmental issues that an individual faces. In childhood, some of

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