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Essay on Sociology (Essay Sample)


Why facts do not change our thinking


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1 Studies in the essay that reveal human tendency to change facts.
The first experiment involves genuine and fictious suicide notes. As the experiment proceeds from the first to the second phase, the participants in the experiment change their minds as the information concerning the notes is changed.
In the experiment involving the two firefighters, Frank K. and George H. on the risk conservancy test. The students change their mind on the qualities they believe a successful firefighter would be expected to have.
2. Confirmation bias describes the propensity by most individuals to rather concur with information that streamlines with what they believe while dismissing the information that does not match what they believe to be true.
For instance, person believes that left footed players make better footballers. Whenever such a person encounters a great footballer who is left footed, they will attribute it as evidence to their belief while trying by all means to discredit other observations that do not match that idea. The same scenario erupts in the article in the experiment involving capital punishment.
1 In reference to Mercier and Sperber, myside bias refers to the phenomenon where individuals tend to assess and generate evidence and test objectives or hypotheses prejudiced towards own existing opinions. The experiment by Mercier and company highlighted this. The participants were given a chance to rectify mistakes they had originally made but majority seemed to show inclination to previous choices in a second step of the test.
2 According to Mercier and Sperber, the ability to reason in human beings evolved in the sense that, progressively, people are able to reason individually without being influenced by groups as it was in the earlier human. Though the authors argue there was asymmetry in this development, winning an argument was emphasized at the expense of clear reasoning. They argue that this ability evolved so fast that it was not achieved by natural selection (Kolbert, 2017).
3 I strongly agree with Sloman and Fernbach’s suggestion that strong feeling about issues do not emerge from their deep understanding about them. T

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