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Physical Activity, Health, and Wellbeing Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


interaction between physical activity, health, and wellbeing


Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing
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Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing
Physical inactivity is a health problem that affects all age groups. It is evident that many people are physically inactive due to several reasons. A significant proportion of adults are busy with work, while others lack resources to undertake regular physical activity (PA). On the other side, school going children lack guidelines and resources to engage in effective physical activity. While many people are physically inactive, there is evidence that PA has demonstrated numerous health benefits. Several experimental studies have concluded that PA induces functional and structural changes in the body and brain that promote psychological and biological benefits.
Everyone requires daily physical exercise. Some people engage in physical activity in their day-to-day work, while others schedule some time to do physical exercise. But some people dislike work or exercise that involves physical activity. Although they think physical activity is stressful to the body, it is actually relieving stress. It is good for the mind and the body. Thus, physical activity presents several health benefits. Apart from making people physically fit, it also improves the general sense of well-being and mental health, (Mandolesi et al., 2018).
Regular physical activity has been associated with lower levels obesity. People who exercise regularly in the right manner have lower chances of becoming obese or overweight. In fact, many obese people are advised to undertake physical activity as a control measure to their conditions. Physical activity involves bodily movements that require energy expenditure. Thus, PA allows obese individuals to lose weight when excess fats are broken down to provide energy during exercise. Physical activity is important for school children and teenagers to reduce the prevalence of obesity in the population.

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