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The causes and effects of micro-plastic pollution Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The task required the writer to describe the causes and effects of micro-plastic pollution. The sample is written in response to the question


Describe the Causes and Effects of Microplastic Pollution
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Describe the Causes and Effects of Microplastic Pollution
Microplastics have become a living element in human ecosystems. Moreover, microplastics are tiny plastic pieces that are less than five millimeters in length and are found in the environment due to plastic pollution's repercussions. In the last sixty years, the plastic industry has experienced exponential growth concerning the plastic use and production tonnage in humans’ daily lives. However, plastic has led to devastating effects. Wastes have piled up, and its collection has proved to be unsuccessful. Plastics have become a crisis in postmodern society. It is critical to examine the causes and outcomes of microplastic pollution. Microplastics can be categorized into two; primary and secondary microplastics. Environmental factors and daily life habits lead to primary and secondary microplastic pollution, respectively. Microplastic pollution causes adverse effects in soil and aquatic biophysical environment.

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