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Water Crisis in Neskantaga First Nation Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Chemical composition polluting water


Water Crisis in Neskantaga First Nation
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Water Crisis in Neskantaga First Nation
The Canadian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) shows that almost 73% of water systems of the First Nations are at higher risks of contamination forcing people to boil their water, as they experience shortage of clean water daily (Wright, 2017). Neskantaga First Nation is a remote nation found in the Northern place of Canadian province of Ontario. The community is located along the shore of Attawapiskat Lake in Kenora district. It has a population of over 250 sub-tribes. Most of the indigenous communities in Canada have been living under high risk of drinking contaminated water leading to poor living standards. The Neskantaga community has been displaced after an oily substance was identified in the water reservoir, causing the shutdown of the plant and leaving people without water (Ross, 2019). Contamination of water from oil linkage has led to health problems. The community has constantly reported waterborne diseases such as typhoid and bilharzia.

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