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Health and nutrition information printed on food packaging (Essay Sample)


This paper focuses on the importance of labeling packaged food.


The reasons there is health and nutrition information printed on food packaging.
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The description of nutrition and health importance on food products is nowadays much more emphasized with more rules and regulation in place to ensure it is properly done (Nestle, 2013). Packaged foods are given labels that try to tell the consumer the nutrient those foods contain and also how such nutrients improve one’s health (Hawkes, 2010). The importance of food labelling cannot be undermined as it plays a big role in guiding the consumer while making a choice on which food packages to consume. This paper therefore, takes an in-depth analysis of the importance of labelling food packages.
Food labelling is important in the following ways; Firstly, it helps a consumer to know the nutrients involved in the food package, this way the consumer can pick a combination of food packages that make a balance diet (Hawkes, 2010). Secondly, a consumer will easily identify certain types of food packages to consume or not in order to deal with a specific health complication (Hawkes, 2010). There are certain types of food packages that such a person must avoid due to health complications. Lastly, food labelling acts as a good means of advertising food package (Pitts, Burke, & Adams, 2013).
According to government regulations, all food products packaged should have labels attached. The labels should contain; food description, supplier name, ingredients contained and their percentages, food additives, batch information, storage requirements, expiry date and lastly advisory and warnings (Pitts, Burke, & Adams, 2013). These labels tell the customer what the food contain, their importance in the body and what amounts to take. Some food if taken in excess amount can affect normal body functioning. The descriptions play a great role in ensuring that one gets a balance diet and also know the health importance of each food package (Pitts, Burke, & Adams, 2013).
Food labelling is a good form of advertising as the customer is able to select the food that continued the nutrients that one desires. The descriptions such as the health importance of the food package can lead a customer to the purchase of such products (Nestle, 2013). Although the labels act as form of advertising and help in increasing sales some of the labels can be misleading and some suppliers can take advantage of that (Nestle, 2013). This has prompted government s to be more vigilant in ensuring that the correct descriptions of nutrients and health importance of food match their real capabilities (Hawkes, 2010).
Food labelling is also important as it helps in the sorting together foods that have similar content in food stores and supermarkets. The foods that have almost the same nutrients content are put together in the food stores and this...
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