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Philosophy - Ethical Dilemma (Essay Sample)


Instruction:Consider an ethical dilemma you or someone you know faced recently and analyze the possible resolutions considering the following: •How did you decide how to resolve the ethical dilemma? Did you focus on the possible consequences of various choices? Did you consider how your actions would affect other people in your life, community, or in the world? Did you apply a moral rule that you believe has universal authority? Alternatively, did you consider what a person you admire would do? •Which ethical theory that we’ve studied this week most resembles the approach you took in resolving your ethical dilemma? For example, if you thought about consequences, how did your approach compare to the utilitarian principles we’ve studied this week? •Would another ethical theory have come to a different conclusion? Explain why or why not. The sample provides a story of a person in ethical dilemma and how the situation was solved by applying various ethical theories.


Philosophy: Ethical Dilemma
Philosophy: Ethical Dilemma
Ethical dilemma refers to a situation in which an individual faces a mental conflict between moral imperatives where one has to choose between two or more moral standards and making one choice ends up transgressing the other choice(s) (Mazzei, 2009). For many years, the decision to procure abortion has many a difficult decision even for the highest courts in the land. In many cases, supreme courts have landed in two ethical positions. These are pro-life and prochoice. Several decisions made on cases across the world have resulted to granting the women the right to choose whether or not to procure abortions. This has resulted to the improvisation of several methods that can be used to procure abortion. Some of the most commonly methods include partial birth abortion, prostaglandin chemical, suction aspiration, dilation and evacuation, dilation and curettage, hysterectomy, saline injection, and RU-486 (Mazzei, 2009). Some people argue that abortion is not right; others say it is rarely right, others say it is sometimes right while others say it is right. In its right, the Bible categorically prohibits abortion in the sense that procuring abortion would be killing. However, it does not state the difference between a person’s state before and after birth. In many other situations, arguments relating to pregnancies facing fatal handicaps, pregnancies caused by rape and incest and pregnancies that put mothers’ health at risk have been advanced to go for abortion thus setting up a dilemma for deciding on which way to go (Mazzei, 2009).
Rape is one of the most humiliating experience a woman would undergo (Mazzei, 2009). It brings a sense of rejection and ...
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