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Women vs. Men in Business, Should They Have the Same Rights (Essay Sample)

This is a discussion on whether Men and Women should have equal rights in business. source..

Women vs. Men in Business, Should They Have the Same Rights?
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Over the past decade, the debate of the ‘battle of sexes’ in the business sector has become a heated subject continually because of the way women have vigorously emerged in the men dominated business sector. A need to reconstruct the existing business preconceptions has arisen because not only have women flocked into the sector, but they have also excelled in business. In business manifestations, standard rights must be instituted for both genders based on economic developments, physiological considerations, individual potential advancement and wage equalization.
Many factors should be considered while establishing equal rights in the business sphere. First, women and men differ physiologically. Therefore, it is important to put their inborn discrepancies into consideration. Putting up equal rights means that women may hold positions originally held by men. In such a case, maternity policies should also be established or else the pregnancy period may cause unnecessary glitches to the organization. Greenfield & Chao (2008) emphasize that maternity policies should be set fairly to avoid the pre-existing misconceptions regarding female pregnancy (Greenfield & Chao, 2008). They point out that this period can be challenging for women working in the originally male dominated sector. Therefore, it is important to establish both paternity and maternity policies to encourage equality in the business sphere. Samuels (1993) concurs that physiological differences must be considered when establishing gender equality in the workplace.
Equal rights should be established in business to foster economic growth. Over the years, women have joined the business sector and become a fundamental part of the economy. By the year 2010, about 60% women in the United States worked full time (Zagano, 2012). In essence, it is notable that families are ‘better of’ economically because women contribute financially to the overall budget. Needless to say, equal rights in wage reimbursement should be implemented to bridge the existing wage gap between men and women. Establishing such a treatment will not only motivate women, but also enable them to stem long term careers that reinforce overall economic prosperity.
Equal rights should be established in business to ensure that women are fully motivated and utilized. Evidently, it has been observed that women have taken a great share of the workforce. For many years, they have struggled with unequal treatment in the workplace. This unfair treatment has been observed to affect their productivity and job satisfaction. Gregory (2003) observed that equal treatment of women and men in business can motivate personal advancement and accomplishment. In additional, he believes that there is a link between job satisfaction and equal treatment of women. He concludes that equal treatment of women in business is the key to establishing opportunity advancement, job satisfaction and economic growth (Gregory, 2003).
Conclusively, in order to tap the economic potential that women possess completely, it is important to establish equal r...
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