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The Benefits of Deer Hunting to the Environment (Essay Sample)


I was tasked to discuss the benefits of hunting the deer in a bid to balance the ecosystem.


The Benefits of Deer Hunting to the Environment
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Hunting deer is important because this is one of the most effective ways of controlling their numbers. One may wonder why the control of their population cannot be left to nature. This may not happen because in the modern days, the only effective deer predator left in the ecosystem is man. For a long time in history, man has been hunting the deer for food or hides for clothing. Hunting also helps clear way for human habitats where they grow plants and herd other animals. Therefore, the hunting process paves way for effective survival for other species (“Caring for Deer and Forests. A Resource Center for Easter North America”).
Deer can increase in population within a very short duration of time. This is a result of high reproduction rate among the species. The high number of the population can be a great threat to plant species that the deer feed on. This means that if the population is not controlled, there is high risk of some plant species getting extinct. This will not only cause problems to the deer, but also to other animals and plant species that depend on such plants for their survival. Therefore, deer hunting acts as a good way of controlling the deer population, thus helping save other species too.
Deer hunting process is a...
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