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Identity and Immigrants in Adolescence Phase. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Identity and Immigrants in Adolescence Phase


Identity and Immigrants in Adolescence Phase
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Identity and Immigrants in Adolescence Phase
Development of identity is a vital aspect of young adults and subsequent transition to adulthood. The social, cognitive, and biological changes occurring in early puberty prompts an individual to reflect on what they want in life, what they think of themselves, who they identify with, and who they are. Early identity development for young adults involves balancing between coherence and self-knowledge. The developed coherence and self-knowledge if often coupled with a sense of confusion or uncertainty over one’s destiny. Erik Homburger Erikson once stated that “identity is a dynamic interaction between confusion and coherence, where a healthy development of identity is denoted as dominance of coherence over confusion (Erikson, 1993).” The German-American developmental psychoanalyst and psychologist is evident that confusion and coherence do not oppose one another and can cohabit in an individual. Therefore, personal identity is an essential aspect of anchoring adolescent immigrants during acute cultural change.
Identity and realization of what a person is, is vital to the optimum development of an individual. More often than not, adolescents find themselves battling with identity crisis. As such, identity coherence acts as a representation of what an adolescent knows about him/herself and how the acquired awareness is assimilated across various dominance of effectiveness. 

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