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Lucid Dream (Essay Sample)


Write the review as if you are a journalist or a music critic. The essay should be standard 5 paragraph essay (intro, 3 paragraph body, conclusion). Address the 7 musical elements and give your opinion of the performance. Is the performer technically proficient? How was the stage presence? How was the audience reaction? Would you recommend this artist to others?


Lucid Dream
Juice Wrld intends to show the world how he loved a person who later hurts him. Juice also shows how he tries to forget her but “he still sees her shadows in his room”. The artist again narrates how he opened to the lady and gave his ‘heart which she broke’. Further, juice makes a statement about pretty girls and further suggests that they are evil. Again, juice shows how he will embark on a revenge mission to make the lady never forget him.
Music elements in the song
The producers of this song really did a wonderful job in including all the music elements in this song thus making it captivating to the millions of people who have streamed the music on YouTube and Spotify. The music is introduced by soft piano beats which makes it interesting. Later as the music goes on the produces employ perfect rhythm, tempo and timber of the song. Also, the song only lasts for about 4 minutes thus helping the audience concentrate more.
The Technical proficiency of the artist.
Juice wrld proved many critics wrong as he performed lucid dreams on Jimmy Kimmel live. The artist went on to display his mastery of the art by good rhythm, melodies, and proper word phrasing in his lyrics. Besides, the display of the technique presented juice wrld as a high-level musician.
Stage performance and audience reaction. Juice wrld makes a stellar performance of the song at Jimmy Kimmel live which leaves a large portion of the audience in awe as the try get the lyrics that deeply dig into love and heartbreak. During the performance, the audience kept quiet while internalizing the gladd

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