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The Negative Impacts of the Internet on Contemporary Society (Essay Sample)


This paper required me to discuss the negative impacts of the internet on contemporary society. In particular, the requirement was to address the social issues created by the internet in the modern-day world. In response, I addressed the problems of internet pornography, cybersuicide, and online racism, which are among the internet-related issues that have become dramatically rampant.


The Negative Impacts of the Internet on Contemporary Society
The advent of the internet has been one of the most hailed technological milestones of the contemporary world. Almost every life aspect, from social welfare to business, is now connected to the internet. Notably, individuals reap substantial benefits from employing the internet in business and social networking. However, major social concerns have arisen from using the internet worldwide. The level of social decay has increased as more people get introduced to the internet. In particular, internet pornography, cybersuicide, and online racism are dramatically rampant due to internet usage.
Foremost, pornographic websites are skyrocketing every day, thanks to the internet. According to Praveera et al. (2021), about half of all available online content is pornographic material. Sadly, there are no proper control measures by the servers to regulate the consumption of online content. Consequently, many youths and under-aged internet users get exposed to these websites, leading to pornographic content addiction. This easy access to porn web pages swerves their attention from productive internet use such as educational research. Moreover, exposure to pornographic websites creates an addiction that results in extreme carnal desire that could result in crimes such as rape.
Secondly, cybersuicide has been skyrocketing over the recent few years. Most internet users interact freely through social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, where they exchange their views on social matters. However, some internet users associate with various evil or demonic cults. These people lure users, especially teenagers, to engage in broadcasted self-harm practices. Even worse, most young people and self-harm patients browse the internet with the strategic objective of looking into more efficient suicide methods (Cohen-Almagor & Lehman-Wilzig, 2022). Indeed, the internet may corrupt or mislead society by introducing dangerous cults to individuals.

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