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The Importance of Environmental Conservation and Measures (Essay Sample)


This sample is an essay on how far humans need to go to protect the environment. Using various sources, the sample provided an in-depth discussion about the importance of environmental conservation and measures that needs to be taken to ensure environmental conservation. A total of 3 sources properly cited in APA 7th edition format were used as resources. The 4 pages essay was doubled spaced throughout.


The Importance of Environmental Conservation and Measures
Earth as a continent has been a victim of environmental pollution for years, with human activities being part of the main cause of the problem. Environment pollution occurs in different forms, such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and noise pollution. An increase in consumption, population growth and technology has resulted in to increase in agricultural and industrial activities to meet the extra demand. Environment degradation has resulted in adverse climate conditions and air pollution, thus making the continent earth unfavourable for people, animals and plants' survival. As much as mining, petrochemical and deforestation activities are important to human beings, environment preservation is also important; thus, measures such as government control of mining and petrochemical industries, reforestation and afforestation will help create a sustainable ecosystem.
Different industry activities are essential for human survival; however, they may impact the environment negatively. Human activity such as mining has been essential to individual economic growth and a country's economic growth. Individuals and countries depend on mining activities to make a living; thus, without such activity, some individuals may be rendered unemployed while the country's gross domestic product decrease (Oxfam Australia, n.d.). Human activity such as petrochemical processes has adverse effects on the environment as they release fossil fuels into the environment and manufacture plastics that do not decompose once disposed of, thus exposing the environment to land, water and air pollution. However, petrochemical activities are also regarded as the most important manufacturing activity, especially in countries that depend on petrochemical activity income.
Petrochemical plants manufacture products that human beings require to use daily; thus, with such demand, it's only necessary to continue with the processing. As the technology and human population increase, more and more mining and petrochemical activities increase, thus posing a greater danger to the environmental health and climate. Therefore, mining and petrochemical activities have proved to be essential just as environmental preservation. However, the environment may not sustain such activities for a very long time, and as environment degradation increases, such activities may lose value with time. Therefore, environmental preservation is important to a sustainable future.

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