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Personality and Career Assessment (Essay Sample)


1. Complete a self-assessment of your interests, capabilities, and goals using discernment exercises from “The best jobs for every personality type”? (This exercise will be posted on Moodle.)
2. Based on that assessment, conduct 2-5 informational interviews in which you talk with professionals who are working in the field(s) that interests you. Doing this will require you to network, beginning with family and friends, to find people to interview. If you are interested in a career in graphic design, for instance, you will not be required to speak with 2-5 graphic designers. Instead, the goal will be to talk with working professionals about your interest in graphic design to see how you can begin to translate that interest into reality.
3. Prepare a 4-6 page essay (including a cover page and a page of references; using APA 7th ed.) with three main parts:
a. Summarize your self-assessment: What did you learn about yourself and your career interests? Did the exercise change anything for you? What career direction would you like to pursue?
b. Summarize your interview findings: What did you learn from your interviews? What surprised you? What interested you? What disappointed you? What gave you hope?
c. Describe 3-5 implications: What did this exercise teach you about the marketplace? Where can you go from here? What areas of weakness—educationally, personally, professionally—do you need to address?


Career Assessment
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Career Assessment
If an individual needs to attain the goals and attain the milestones in his/her life, it is significant to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses. One needs to be able to be conversant with the areas that he/she is can attain excellence and the kind of work that can be accomplished. Often, people tend to have to further their careers, and they engage in means of getting that. A career assessment is an effective tool that portrays the areas that individuals are stable and where there is an improvement that is needed (Conroy et al.,2020).
My personality assessment possesses several descriptions that are accurate regarding my personality as well as work ethics. It is seen that I possess vested interests in the concepts, ideas as well as activities that entail mental. This stands to be an accurate reflection of the kind of person I am and possess a quick recap on the nature of me as a workforce in the fitness training aspects. I choose to pursue psychology due to my interests in that they serve as the motivation grounds towards the portraying of certain kinds of behaviors. It lies in my desires and intentions to correct and identify deficiencies that I may observe throughout my psychological career.
It is noted that more often, it is the mental state that hinders many of my customers from attaining their individual goals, and I make an effort to assist them in ensuring realizing them. The other thing from the assessment is that I contain curiosity and awareness concerning nature; thus, it is an accurate reflection in the program that I have chosen to pursue. Many human-nature is studied in psychology, thus standing to be the main reason for focusing on it. The exercise just went as per my wishes; hence, I always regard myself as a person who works well with physical objects. I possess high levels of organization, thus reaching the points of obsessiveness, thus permitting me to focus on the task and direct a sense of direction to accomplish the objectives.
Deadlines stand to be the most problematic areas that I consider since I have felt that they may impede my processes. My desires for constant change as well as stimulation sometimes can turn to be disastrous. Deadlines help in arrangements for the accomplishment of tasks within the

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