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WorkPro: Enjoyable Physical Exercises for Students in Universities (Essay Sample)


1. Discuss the relationship between wellbeing / mental health and physical activity
2. Demonstrate competence in the critical analysis of relevant experimental data;
3. Demonstrate innovation in intervention design
4. Demonstrate competence in written communication.
Part 1: About you
1.1: Name
1.2: Name of organisation that you are applying for (if applicable)
Part 2: About your project
2.1: What is the name of your project? Please do not exceed 10 words.
Help Notes: Give us a short title that we could use for publicity purposes. Try to make it unique to your project.
2.2: What project or activities do you want us to fund? Please do not exceed 500 words.
Help Notes: Describe your project. By ‘project’ we mean the activities you plan to carry out using our grant. Be specific about what you will do, how you will do it and what you would spend the grant on.
2.3: When will your project take place?
Start date (day/month/year):
End date (day/month/year):
2.4: Where are the people who will benefit from your project based? Please do not exceed 200 words
Help Notes: Tell us the local authority area where the people who will benefit from your project are based. If the people who will benefit are from a number of places, give the local authority area where the most people will benefit
Local authority area:
Part 3: Why these People? What difference your project will make?
3.1 Why is your project needed? Please do not exceed 500 words
Help Notes: Make sure you explain the problems or issues your project aims to address.
3.2 What is the change or difference your project is going to make? Please do not exceed 300 words
Help Notes: Describe the expected outcomes from your project here. Think about the change or difference your project will have on the local community or target beneficiaries.
3.3 How will your project actively seek to involve as wide a range of people as possible? Please do not exceed 250 words
Help Notes: If you have identified any groups who could benefit but are less likely to take part, explain why this is the case and what you will do to tackle it. If your project will involve the wider community tell us how. If you plan to restrict who can take part in your project you should explain why
3.4 Does your project involve vulnerable individuals? Please justify your response in terms of the BPS Code of Conduct. Please do not exceed 100 words.
Part 4: Why will your approach be successful and how will you know this?
4.1: Project Rationale Please do not exceed 1000 words.
Help Notes: What are the aims of this project? Why have you chosen the approach described in section 2.2 to address the problem described in section 3.1 and what evidence is there that it will be successful?
4.2: Evaluation Please do not exceed 500 words.
Help Notes: How will the project’s success be measured? Tell us about the measures you would use, when data would be collected and how it would be analysed.
Part 5: Project costs
5.1 Please provide a list of the resources required to run this project (e.g. staffing, equipment, facilities, training etc.). Please do not exceed 140 words
Help Notes: You are not expected to provide details of how much each item on the list will cost. You need only to identify what the funding will be spent on. To give you an indication of the scale of project to propose the total cost for the project should be between £5000 to £50,000.
Part 6: Bibliography
6.1 Please provide a full list of all references referred to in this application: Excluded from the word count


WorkPro: Enjoyable Physical Exercises for Students in Universities

WorkPro is a physical activity program aimed at facilitating and monitoring exercise activities for students in Universities to enhance their physical and mental health. According to a statistical report, there has been a 450% rise in mental illness cases among UK students over the last decade (UCAS, 2021). The report raises the need for such a program in schools aiding in forming an exercising culture in the facilities. The project will prepare individuals for the working environment upon graduation by giving them a proper exercise working module that they can adopt later in their lives to continue establishing healthy means of operation; thus, preventing the onset of mental illnesses. The exercise programs will not focus on sporting modules but significantly center on personal exercises that the students can continue adopting after completing their studies and even in their working lives. The divergence from sporting activities is although they play a significant role in enhancing the health of individuals, they would be challenging to continue undertaking after completion of studies since most people follow different career paths with varying time demands to the humans.
The main exercises that the project will focus on include daily walks, runs, aerobic conditioning, cycling, and dancing. The activities will connect with the physical aspects of an individual and the psychological part where the participants can relieve their brains of the stress and pressures they might be experiencing. The program will enhance the formation of workout partnerships; thus, eliminating the social stigma, which is one of the leading causes of mental illnesses among learners (Mental health UK, 2022). Furthermore, the exercises are relatively easy to execute with minimal financial requirements. Studies at higher levels demand more intellectual efforts from the students, which might take a toll on their health after some time. High educational and life demands may lead to the development of psychological issues which might impact their lives after living in the facilities. Individuals must relieve their minds to enable better decision-making, which might affect their future lives. The project will provide the people with a different environment from which they are used, giving them a periodic break necessary to formulate better life choices.
WorkPro will aim to impact different higher learning institutions within the city of Manchester, and students from the surrounding institutions can also take part in the program. The city institutions' contact will be through sending emails since it is the most common mode of communication with formal institutions in the current generation. There will be a physical visitation to the schools to have meetings with the officials and demonstrate to them the aim of the program and the benefits it will have to the participating students. The program will aim at making a positive impact on the health of the individuals by creating a platform where they can enjoy themselves while undertaking physical exercises that will improve their mental wellbeing. The program will also aim to motivate institutions around the UK to establish similar exercise modules to minimize the high cases of mental health issues that primarily originate from the many educational expectations to deliver at high levels and the existing social stigma.

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