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Air Traffic by Gergoly Pardlo (Essay Sample)


A human is a being with the power of rational thought. This is an appropriate power because it is required for achieving goals and acting rationally. However, this is not the only appropriate power of human nature. Another is the power of speech. If we had no sense of rationality or ability to communicate, we would not be able to achieve our goals and act rationally—for example, by making contracts. Therefore, these two powers are integral to a good human being and so it could be said that they constitute a human's function or ‘excellence’ (Baggini 86).
Looking at Aristotle’s analogy, a knife may be either good or bad. It is good if it has the excellence of cutting well because cutting is the function of a knife. So, a knife that cuts well is good. This is easy to determine in the case of things (artifacts), but it sounds odd to ask what the function of a human being is. How does Aristotle go about determining and assessing the function of a human being?


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Connections between Greg Pardlo Sr.’s education and work and that of the son in the book “Air Traffic” by Gregory Pardlo
In most cases, the future of children depends on the environment that they grow in when young. Greg Pardlo Sr. influenced the son's life, which had significant ramifications on the life of the author. Both the father and author undergo self-destruction due to alcohol. In the text, the author, through various experiences that seem to coincide with his and that of the father, shows the effect that parents have on the children's future. The father, who was dismissed from the air control job, seeks solace in drugs. During his childhood, Pardlo Sr. transfers his frustration at work to the author. At home, Pardlo Sr. is harsh and seems to act with the same tradition associated with air controllers. From such experiences, the author feels that life is hostile; this perception that he borrows from the father also makes him become an alcoholic. The issue is that Pardlo saw life from the experiences of the father. For instance, he says, “I obscured how my father, despite his stumbling, lurching efforts to recover after losing his job in 1981,” (88). In another quote, the author says, “Doctors tried to halt the infection at his ankle, but my father had ignored the rot for too long” (25). In the first quote, it is evident that the father was trying to overcome some of the unemployed challenges. However, it seems that some unseen forces were focused on obstructing the father. With such an experience, the so

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