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Impacts of Information Technology on H.R Management (Essay Sample)


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What are the impacts of information technology on human resource managemnet: Opportunities and threats?


Impacts of Information Technology on HR Management
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Impacts of Information Technology on HR Management
Rapid development and integration of technology in businesses have influenced the execution of HR roles. The dynamic information technology environment has consequently enhanced the growth and efficiency of organizations, with profound impacts on HR management. The ICT developments have been inspired by the potential improvements in speed, customer satisfaction, data accuracy, information safety among other opportunities. However, HR management faces high costs of personnel, system maintenance, and security concerns challenges in implementing the technology. 
IT has improved the process of hiring, training, and data analysis. Using interactive technologies, HR managers can efficiently communicate, share information, and receive real-time feedbacks (Parry & Battista, 2019). Besides, through technology, tasks can be automated to improve productivity and enhance customer service. Advanced tech has also enabled organizations to maintain, analyze and virtually share and store data (Vashishth, 2014). Technology can enhance efficiency and improve productivity in many HR processes or tasks.
The use of technology could also lead to unintended consequences such as increased compensations, high cost of maintenance, and data security risk. Implementing advanced technology requires a team conversant with the current trends, which demands high personnel compensations (Vashishth, 2014). Besides, the cost of acquiring and maintaining technological systems is also costly. According to Suganthiya (2021), small businesses' resort to hiring technicians on a part-time basis because they cannot afford their full-time salary, which is very costly. The backup systems are also prone to hacking, which raises concerns over information security. However, HR managers can invest in technological security apparatus to curb such risks.
The expanded ICT innovation presents the HR departments with an opportunity to align and incorporate technological systems in their organizational strategies. Because of the advanced technological advancement, there has been stiff competition in a globalized business world. Technology has enabled HR managers to

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