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Relationship between corporate culture and employees' motivation Essay (Essay Sample)


The task of this essay was to find out the correlation between employee culture( self motivation, punctuality, good communication) and How it affecrs the workplace. Does it contribute positively or negatively.
It also highlights what employers need to do to motivate workers.
This essay is about the relationship between work culture and employee motivation and how that impacts on company environment and development.


Analyze the Relationship Between Corporate Culture and Employees’ Motivation.
Every organization has norms guiding them. They all have a set of behaviors that affects the way they interact within the working environment. This is because the psychological, social, and physical aspects of working need to be maintained. Nonetheless, these norms do not exist in isolation. Employees must also apply them in the working environment to get the desired outcome and stay motivated while working. These two concepts are called corporate culture and employees' motivation.
Corporate culture consists of norms and beliefs that direct the interaction of employees in an organization while employee motivation is an inner desire towards work. These concepts are interrelated. Companies and employees with the same beliefs will thrive and vice versa CITATION Bus17 \l 2057 (BusinessBalls, 2017). This is because employees know what the goal is and how to achieve these goals. When their ethics are on the same wavelength with the organizational goals, it will lead to better performances.

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