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Leadership Placement Seminar Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Placement Description
Project Description:
The School of Social Work at McMaster University is currently working on a Community University Policy Alliance on Gender Based Homelessness. The main goal is to pursue low-barrier, supportive housing in Hamilton for women and gender diverse individuals for whom homelessness is acute and long term. One aspect of this work is to engage in local advocacy to seek changes to the Residential Care Facility system to offer a better quality supportive housing option. This work is in the beginning stages so there would be the opportunity to build the advocacy strategy from scratch before implementing it. There would also be the opportunity to work with 1 or 2 undergraduate students on the development of a resource (webinar or text based) on advocacy skills for social workers/social work students.
Student Characteristics:
This would be a good placement for a student who:
- Has some interest and experience in housing
- Is creative, independent and confident
- Can work independently
This placement will be primarily virtual


Leadership Placement Seminar
Student Name
Academic Institution
Referencing Style: APA 7th/ Word Count: 1867
Leadership Placement Seminar
Learning Plan
Statement of Objectives
The statement sets out the skills, knowledge, and personal development pathways I intend to actualize during my engagement at the School of Social Work’s Community-University Alliance on Gender-Based Homeless project. During my engagement in the project, I anticipate advancing skills like teamwork, problem-solving capacity, time management, and influencing change. These skills will help understand and contextualize contemporary social and public policy issues, advocacy, and community relations vital in the social work profession. Besides, they are foundations for strong leadership competencies that I am looking forward to developing. Bliss et al. (2014) assert that these skills reverently highlight the outcomes of Educational Policy 2.1.9, which provides for contextual responses that shape practice, and Educational Policy 2.1.10, which crystallizes engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation within diverse groups. Thus, during the engagement period, I will respectfully reflect on the activity progress and how effectively I am integrating leadership skills. 

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