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Role Stress and Job Satisfaction of a Salesperson Management Essay (Essay Sample)


This assessment task will lead your thinking from the salesperson’s perception of their role to
the outcomes and impact of job-related stress. You will be required to examine several
concepts that are of particular importance to sales


Role Stress and Job Satisfaction of a Salesperson
Executive Summary
A salesperson plays a critical role in a company, ensuring the flow of products to the customers. The role itself comes with its challenges and setbacks that affect the overall performance of the salesperson.
Boundary spanning
Salespersons’ roles involve interacting with the company’s customer base more often. The duties that a salesperson assigned by the company have expectations, with threshold while the interaction with customers too involve listening to demands. The salesperson finds him/herself in a “boundary” position whereby he/she has to fulfil company expectation while also meeting customer demands.
Role Perceptions/Role Stress
The salesperson’s role comes along with expectations of better performance. The roles may not be well defined and may lead to the performance of roles in other fields beyond the understanding of a salesperson. Companies launch products into the market continuously, with information on the products not being explained to salespersons under periodic training sessions. The ambiguity of roles and undefined roles affect duties to be fulfilled, satisfaction and thereby performance of salespersons which leads to role stress.
Salesperson’s susceptibility to role stress

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