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Appreciate Inquiry and how the AI process can create positive culture (Essay Sample)


After reviewing; The quest for employee voice and the role of Appreciative Inquiry by Bunshaft (2018) and Appreciative Inquiry and the value of conflict by Laarakker, H., & van Kesteren (2019), please develop a 3-4 page summary on Appreciate Inquiry and how the AI process can create a positive culture within performance management. Your summary should include;
· Discuss the AI Framework core components of; Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny
· Support your viewpoints on employee motivation factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic, related to the AI framework
· Identify the potential areas to increase employee


AI in Management and Conflict Resolution
Institutional Affiliation
AI in Management and Conflict Resolution
The AI Framework Core Components of Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny
Artificial intelligence systems make it easier and simpler to build deep learning, machine learning, and NLP software, by delivering ready solutions. The general AI framework is guided by four phases, namely: Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny. By focusing on times of organizational success, the exploration or discovery stage is a comprehensive and coordinated quest for "the best of what is". Discovery includes substantive conversations with many or all organizational members and benchmarking "best in class" organizations (Bunshaft, 2018, p.3). A critical outcome of this phase is a rich overview of the optimistic core of the company, i.e. both material and intangible strengths, capacities, capital, and resources.
By reflecting on "what might be" the Dream stage is a stimulating pursuit of "the best of what is." It is a chance for individuals to actively explore their dreams and aspirations for the company and environment in which they want to live and work. The Dream stage outputs include artistic representations of the future and declarations of "macro" probability. The Design phase concerns itself with co-creating the "grounded" vision of the future generated in the Dream phase. Design activities provide a detailed overview of the organization's social and technological framework, which will bring the future to life. Primary results of this stage are "micro" statements of probability that express the dream of the organization for each of the current activities.

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