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Organizational Change Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Discuss the effects of change in an organisation.


Organizational Change
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Organizational Change
Change is certain and affects productivity. Organizational change carried out to improve workers' performance, can increase productivity hence bringing profits to the organization. Workers speculate get distracted and worry about what change will bring and mean to them and their jobs. In an organization, this kind of distraction may result into a productivity up or downfall depending on the workers take.The following elements are important to facilitate organizational change (Anderson, 2010, p. 3).
Thinking involves how workers understand the organization they work for, their ability to accept and implement the new ideas put across to them to meet the organization's demands.
This is the attitude and reaction of workers towards the proposed change in the organization. A worker's positive reaction and attitude will increase productivity, contrary to negative reaction and attitude.
This refers to the basic facilities, working environment where the change is to take place, organizational structure, technology, processes that are of relevance to the work.
Change Implementation
The company’s management has to prepare to carry out organizational change. To ease the resistance created by change, leaders or facilitator will have to pay heed to the following to manage change (Olson & Eoyang, 2001, p. 26).

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