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How to design jobs to enhance satisfaction and motivation: Job Characteristics Model (Essay Sample)


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Subject Management Topic How to design jobs to enhance satisfaction and motivation: Job Characteristics Model
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Read the following:
According to Herzberg, it is not enough to try and motivate the employees using monetary perks. The theory suggests that not all employees consider fiscal gains as a motivator. In most organizations, the reward system is always tied to financial perks. They give the employees who perform well salary bumps, bonus rewards, and paid vacations to get them motivated. However, this theory suggests that there are employees who are motivated by other factors. Similarly, the idea acknowledged that the lack of a proper compensation scheme might cause dissatisfaction, but it is not the only thing. With the Job Characteristic Model, there are things an employee seeks to get self-fulfillment.
Herzberg's theory of motivation classifies things within the organization that either motivate or demotivate the employees. These are all issues that the organization needs to be careful when exposing its employees to. Some of them can even be related to Abraham Maslow's theory of human needs. The one thing that every employee always wants is the achievement that they get from their tasks. The achievement they get is from the excellence that they deliver in their jobs. Take the example of a teacher; the accomplishment they get is through seeing their students do well. It is a huge motivator to see your work bearing fruits. Also, some organizations understand the basic need to get recognized for the excellent work done. Employees always want to be recognized as part of work well done. For them, they need people to identify them with success, and this boosts the human ego. If the nature of work and the responsibility entrusted to an employee is essential, they get the internal motivation to do well regardless of the conditions. The colleagues and employers will see them as necessary and crucial. In the long run, every employee wants to grow in importance, stature, and career development.
The Job Characteristic Model gives its own few ways in which employees get motivated. The theory suggests that employees want to feel the importance of what they do. They do not just want to be dispensable members of the organization; instead, they need to do essential roles to identify with the final product. Take an example of a vehicle assembly, an employee there would want to do an important role so that when they see the vehicle on the road, they can be proud of their contribution to the process. The significance of what they do to the organization is what makes them enjoy what they do. If they are doing work that does not prove to be essential, they tend to slow down and become less proactive. Employees love the freedom that managers give because it shows trust by the management.
These two theories are both right. Many people, mostly managers, have confused motivation to be something only derived from the monetary aspects. However, these two theories give various other elements that make the employee want to give more to the organization. They look at motivation from the employees' perspective and provide insight into what management should consider.
Answer the following:
1) Now would you agree or disagree with the written statement above?
2) It is interesting to note the many different experiences people have had in their lives. So, how do these experiences influence the ways that you interact with other people in a work setting?
3) How do these values contribute to our organizational identity, both in how we perceive the group and our affiliation with it as well as how others perceive us as an individual?


Designing Jobs to Enhance Satisfaction and Motivation
Due date
Designing jobs to enhance satisfaction and motivation
Question one
The current society agrees that money can be a significant motivator. It equals security, and in most cases, it is associated with happiness. Despite this, I agree with Herzberg's statement that money is not a good motivator for employees. According to Furnham & Treglown (2017), money has the power to demotivate. It can transform the intrinsic motivation to extrinsic motivation among employees. Ideally, monetary rewards may prompt the worker to bear little relations to their job performances. Additionally, ss Herzberg asserts, there are other ways of motivating employees other than monetary motivation

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