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Theories of Management Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


discuss the ancient management theiries


Theories of Management
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Technology has progressed in recent decades leading to its wide use. Recently, most organization have started embracing technology as well as other key innovations with an aim to increase their productions, increase the efficiency in resource use, communication, as well as the marketing of these organizations. Aside from the afore-mention purposes of technology in institutions, these they are now embracing technology as in the management sectors jobless (Nouri 2006). The wide use of technology in management has great impacts on the roles of the managers. Introduction of improved management techniques and innovations to institutions has eased the management thus making it easier for managers to dispose of their duties. With advanced technology, the managers are able to keep consolidated and up to date records of the worker, inventory as well as assets. Technology also is important in the management of institutions since it helps managers to monitor institutional progress, as well as performing the accounting tasks. Advance technology eases the means of communication. Generally, technology has positive impacts on the role of managers jobless (Nouri 2006). Management theories can be classified as classical theories and modern theories within which the individual theories (Hashaw 2019).

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