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Strategic talent management Management Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The task was to complete six discussion responses regarding the organization's performance management and human resources value to an organization. It required me to illustrate the various performance management tools, discuss how Hrm's add value to performance, illustrate and explain transformational events levels associated with hrm and discuss conflicting practices involved in hrm giving a few remedies. The paper also required me to explain the meaning of the initials "bfoq" and give its importance and relevance to hrm. the last discussion required me to research the terms "restriction" and "termination" of employment in European countries and explain the risks and operational requirements for mnc's , modified HRM policies, and any other restriction conditions facing firms operating in European countries.


How HRMs Design Management & Employees' Performance
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How HRMs Design Management & Employees' Performance
Discussion 1
Employee appraisals are meant to assist the HRM in designing, evaluating, and assessing the individual's and team's performance and submitting informed feedback. Strategic evaluation is based on successful employee and management plans, meant to help develop decisions and training needs. In a review system that promotes roles, behaviors, and work outcomes, the employees are responsible and accountable for their overall performance (Murphy & Deckert, 2013). There should be a balance between the actual employee's performance on one side and behavioral reviews on the other in two-sided management. This system is used in many organizations but on different matrixes. Structured evaluation questionnaires are given to fellow employees, superiors, and in some cases, external stakeholders like customers to provide insights and feedback on the employee's performance.
In this evaluation method, I recommend a 360 degrees appraisal system. One stakeholder, referred to as the rater, appraises the employee on multiple aspects that remain anonymous and only evaluated by HRM. Such a system helps provide employees with information about the impacts of their actions, give a behavioral change concept, and advise the HRM to design a development plan (Aggarwal & Thakur, 2013). The system's objective is to create a long-term employee development culture and foster a solid leadership front.
Discussion 2
Human resources practices are a critical element in the organization's operations. The HRM acts as the legal link between the firm and its employees. Besides giving substantive guidance regarding employment procedures and essential governing laws, it is accountable for employee's commitment to the firm. Enterprises are now in people-oriented management, whose aim is to stimulate staff enthusiasm and attract and retain competent human resources (Manshadi, Mehregan, & Safari, 2015). The utility is a degree of satisfaction by a consumer of a service or goods. Marginal utility is founded on the assumption that efficiency can be numerically measured and subsequently be quantified. Therefore, based on that theory, human resources can be expressed quantitatively by assigning numbers representing the level of the staff's performance. On the same argument, employee's compensation can be analyzed based on marginal utility theory. Therefore, HRM forms an essential component of an organization's remuneration guidance and employee motivation analysis based on marginal utility. As the support unit, HRM assists in the implementation of the organization's strategies by building capacities that may not be automated or shared. For a 

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