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Issues and Innovation in Human Resource Management Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses the importance of performance management within an organization. It further points that managers should lead by example and deal with employees on personal levels.


Issues and Innovation in Human Resource
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Issues and Innovation in Human Resource
Performance management is a multidimensional system that entails diverse dimensions of a firm and the personnel. The manager should clearly state the mission and goals of an organization, and it is the sole responsibility of the manager to ensure the particular goals are accomplished with the employees’ help. However, the major challenge every manager encounters is how to manage in a Christian way. The challenge encompasses how they can apply Christian tenets within an organization without upsetting employees or making them feel like the manager is forcing their beliefs on them. Managers have individual traits that underline their managerial skills. Among the principles that guide managers to carry out their duties in a Christian way include transparency, understanding employees, being a servant-leader, dealing with facts, understanding employees, and explaining problems. As much as it may seem impossible to practice all these principles perfectly, but it is possible to put the principles into practice to the best of one’s ability to become the best manager one can be.

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