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Administrative Accountability Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Administrative Accountability


Administrative Accountability
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Administrative Accountability
Administrative accountability is one of the major aspects that the government should address due to its impact on general government operations. Transparency and accountability are also important to the government since the two elements are interconnected and ensure proper ethical engagement (Nakrošis, 2017). Government as a public servant should uphold high transparency and accountability to the citizens. Accountability in the legal perspective is where the administrative bodies conduct operations through a moral and a democratic process to ensure that satisfaction of the citizens is attained (Nakrošis, 2017). Generally, the impact of administrative accountability is to promote the justification of actions and decisions made by the government organs. Accountability has various implications for the government since it is the role of the government to ensure that substantial explanation is provided to the citizens regarding their funds (Nakrošis, 2017). Therefore, without accountability, the public will have a diverted attitude towards its government. There are two acts that are associated with the administrative accountability, including the Freedom of Information and Privacy act. The paper probes FOIA and Privacy Act as well as their correlation to maintaining government transparency and accountability to the public.

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