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Effective Leadership Essay. Management Assignment. (Essay Sample)


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Base on the following 5 key topics, and write a script for me to create a video. Make sure you use simple language, then I can read it easily in front of the camera.
STEP #1: Create a video (minimum 5 mins) of yourself coaching/providing guidance, highlighting the following 5 key topics.
1. Encourage the new manager to become more of a transformational leader, and discuss 3 ways to do so.
2. The new manager lacks the ability to hold staff accountable, share 3 techniques to increase staff accountability.
3. The new manager needs to improve communication skills, recommend 3 specific ways to become a better communicator.
4. The new manager is still learning how to become organized, share 3 tips to help this manager with obtaining better organizational skills.
5. Lastly, be more relatable and share one of your stories on how you overcame a challenge in the past (what happened, what did you do, and what did you learn).
Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)


Effective Leadership
Due date
Effective Leadership
Leadership is critical in the management process. It is an essential aspect of ensuring management goal s is met. A leader is an individual who starts and guides the rest of the people in running the organizational activities. Although leadership can be a tricky process, it beneficial, mostly when correctly executed.
How to become more of a transformational leader
Leaders often apply various types of leadership in an organization. Among these leadership styles is transformational leadership. To become a transformational leader, there is a need to have the capacity to inspire the vision of the future of the other people and the entire institution. One should also build trust and a strong relationship with the people (Bratton, 2020). Finally, one should be able to motivate people to embrace an initiative and deliver the vision.

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