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Climate change and Food security. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


impact of climate change and food security in thailand


Climate change and Food Security in Thailand
Climate change and Food Security in Thailand
Background Overview
Climate change is a growing problem and nations around the world are experiencing changes in seasonal conditions and extreme weather conditions which include floods, droughts, and heavy destructive rainfall. This paper will explore climate change and its impact on Thailand focusing on food security, the regional economic impact of climate change and possible solutions to this problem. The international relation theory on climate change and food security will be the main theory that will be investigated by this paper in relation to the impact of climate change on Thailand.[Allen, Craig D, et al. "A Global Overview of Drought and Heat-Induced Tree Mortality Reveals Emerging Climate Change Risks for Forests." Forest ecology and management 259.4 (2010): 660-84. Print]
Climate Change
Climate change can be defined as the aggregate change in the weather patterns and this not only include changes in global temperatures but also extends to the changes in the seasons of a region, the level of humidity and the frequency and intensity of nature events such as tornadoes and blizzards. Temperature is still and important factor in climate change as a small change in temperature leads to significant changes to the weather characteristics and patterns in a region. In the last century the global temperatures have been constantly rising with current records indicating an historic high. The impact of this historic high in global climate change has had very visible effects with all the continents experiencing an increase in extreme precipitation events. The underlying link between humans and climate change can be found in recent spike in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere which is the result of a sharp increase in emissions as a direct result of human activity . 

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