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Career Assessment Management Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


when and why career assessment might be used in professional practice


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(07 November 2012)
Career Assessment
The workplace is where most employed people will spend a significant proportionate part of their time. Indeed almost 8 – 10 hours will be spent during normal working at the workplace. Moreover, some must work to be able to receive a pay to clear their bills; this means that they must do exemplary well to be able to sustain performance and hence more pay. For this reason, individuals require to always assess themselves and their careers to ensure they are progressive (Kapes & Whitfield, 2001). This paper identifies when and why career assessment might be used in professional practice. In addition, it gives three examples of when career assessment might be used in clinical practice and why career assessment might be useful in these settings. It also explains one way clinicians incorporate other tests within the process of career assessment.
Career assessment is designed to help persons identify their personal attributes such as their skills, values, interests, aptitudes, motivations and preferences can be utilized in their career to ensure satisfaction, achievement and success (Whitfield, et al. 2009). There are different types of assessments that can be used; these include methodology, validity, measured attributes, and target customer profile.

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