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Communication Problems Encountered in Generational Diverse Workforce (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses on the communication problems encountered by businesses which have a generational diverse workforce and how as a manager i can overcome these challenges. the tip discussed in the paper is using different types of leadership when dealing with each generation of employees and adopting different modes of communication.


Generational Diverse Workforce
Generational Diverse Workforce
One problem likely to occur with five different generations working in the same organization is communication. Each generation has a different mode of communication they prefer. Gen X and Y prefer memos, Millennials prefer email, Gen Z prefers social media platforms and no face-to-face interactions, and traditionalists and baby boomers prefer face-to-face communications. However, it is difficult for companies to develop different communication methods to cater to all employees. Also, motivational rewards will be a cause of conflict. For one, the older generations prefer bonuses and respect, and Millennials prefer working with 

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