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Community Governance Mechanisms Research Assignment


Information Systems and Management – 2017
It should be 2,000 words long (+/- 10%) and should use APA style Referencing and citations (Author, Year). it should base its argument on relevant and up-to-date academic literature (preferably journal articles) to illustrate key arguments where possible.
Essay Topic
Online user communities provide a valuable source of information in the development of new products. Studies have found that community governance can have a significant impact on knowledge sharing and collective learning, leading firms to evaluate how they manage their own user communities. Discuss two governance mechanisms firms can use in order to increase knowledge exchange in online user communities and their implication in terms of knowledge acquisition.


Online User Communities and Governance Mechanisms
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Many scholars have stressed the importance of knowledge mobilization within a user community, which includes knowledge creation, sharing and reuse. Recent organizational literatures are also emphasizing on effective management of knowledge mobilization, emerging as a crucial component for business innovation and establishment. This essay opens discussion with these two areas of concern. In doing so, this paper particularly gives emphasize on online user communities involved in open source projects as these kind of projects offer highest freedom of communication, user-specific free knowledge sharing and prioritization of products. New age online business giants are also using open participation of user communities to systematically arrange and upgrade their own organizational knowledge database. Thus, this essay gives insights to such online business models and their adoption of knowledge governance strategies to effectively manage user-created knowledge acquisition.
Virtual User Communities: The E-Associates
User Communities are characterized by individual groups using similar kind of products and learning to use them superiorly by regular interactions CITATION Wenger \l 1033 (Wenger, 1998). These user groups with a common purpose offer advantages for their affiliates through the exchange of — ideas, appreciation and feelings — with each other. As one can rightly assume while searching for a product-related solution, individuals save hours by entering into public network and accessing its file-database CITATION Hippel2005 \l 1033 (Hippel, 2005).
Rapid internet espousal has significantly stimulated the global recognition of active virtual communities. Remarkably, active virtual groups symbolizes an important swing from the conventional read-only Websites to an user centric, interactive, closely-knitted, participatory, activity based, appealing, new age web-platforms, technically termed as Web 2.0 (i.e., social
media). According to recent Alexa ranking, Wikipedia and Facebook CITATION Alexa \l 1033 (Alexa, 2017) are among the top ten global sites which attract the most user traffic on the Internet. Community building and user contribution are the two prominent factors on which these websites are based on.
Tim O’Reilly specified the symptoms of these new wave of web-platforms, namely: Google AdSense, BitTorrent, Flickr, Napster, Blogs, Wikipedia, Upcoming.Org, Search Engine Optimization, Cost Per Click, Participation, Web Services, Wikis, Tagging and Syndication CITATION OReilly2005 \l 1033 (O’Reilly, 2005). Some common characteristics of all these new generation web features are user participation, openness and network effects. Features like user involvement form the basis of the new age socially interactive version of the web. The collective, cooperative, democratic approach of sharing enterprising id...
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