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Corporate Diversity: How Hard Should You Push Diversity? (Essay Sample)


Individual Case Study: Pay Linked to Diverse Teams


Running Head: Individual case study: Pay linked to diverse teams
Individual Case Study: Pay Linked to Diverse Teams
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Individual Case Study: Pay Linked to Diverse Teams
With the passage of time, the corporate world has been growing, transforming, and spreading its wings all around the world. The business entities i.e. corporate setups have been spread all around the world, and they are called the multinationals now. Therefore, with the said reason, in the contemporary corporate environment, everything has become international i.e. global. In addition, with the global prevalence of corporate entities, the corporations, indeed, have to push corporate diversity in its true spirit. However, it is also a known fact, that diversity is not an easy task.
It is mentioned that corporate diversity requires setting-up individuals/teams with diverse background and gender. This diverse background includes cultural diversity, lingual diversity, gender diversity, caste/color diversity, and gender diversity. The bitter fact and the harder task is that the personnel with diverse background should possess highest level of talent and skills. Therefore, in fact, corporate diversity is a hard thing to deal with.
This treatise will further explore the idea of corporate diversity. We will discuss in detail about the factors involved in diversity. Moreover, the treatise will examine and analyze the Harvard Business Review case study that is “How hard should you push diversity.”
What is corporate diversity?
The term corporate diversity holds big thought behind, and in fact it is a hard job to do so. Corporate diversity is defined and explained as recruiting minorities and all genders to demonstrate a non-biased approach of an employer. The big thought behind is to accommodate every culture’s, every lingual’s, every caste’s employees and every gender’s employees to the organization and to take them to the management positions. Therefore, it is a hard job to do.
How corporate diversity is a hard job?
Corporate diversity is a hard job, particularly at the top positions. The reason is because it does not only require a pool of multicultural, multilingual, multi-caste, and multi-gender employees but also requires aptitude, talent, and capacity to deal things at high level positions. Therefore, it is hard in the current employment opportunity rush to 

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