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Difference Between Public and Private Sector Organizations (Essay Sample)


Explaining the difference between public and prive sector organizations. discussing two factors that distinguish private organizations from public sector organizations and how they affect their definition of effectiveness. discussing effectiveness in organizational performance for public sector organizations.


Public and Private Sector
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Public Sector and Private Sector
Private sector organizations are managed and controlled by individuals or business entities. Some private sector organizations include; large multinational companies like Amazon, sole traders, non-profit organizations, and partnerships. However, a state agency or government manages or controls a public sector organization. This essay will discuss two factors that distinguish private organizations from public sector organizations and how they affect their definition of effectiveness.
The main difference between private and public sector organizations is that; the private sector involves businesses not controlled by the state, while corporations and companies managed by the state are under the public sector. Jobs in the private sector include; hospitality, manufacturing, professional jobs, and financial services, whereas jobs in the public sector include; armed forces, teaching, emergency response, healthcare, and

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