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Civilian and Military in Leadership and Management (Essay Sample)


Please write a 550-word essay the following topic:
Differences and Similarities of Civilian and Military in Leadership and Management


Civilian and Military in Leadership and Management
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Civilian and Military in Leadership and Management
Leadership and management are often used interchangeably, although they represent different concepts. Their principles are confused since they overlap. Leadership, unlike management, involves influencing others to achieve a mission. The right leadership provides purpose, direction, and motivation in an organization. On the other hand, management deals with controlling people. In this case, people's traits are examined, and the right techniques are used to ensure that they comply with the set rules. However, both leadership and management strive to achieve the set organization's objectives. Civilian and military approaches are typical in leadership and management; they differ in their meaning and application but coincide in the sense that both promote service-orientation and succeed through mentorship and training.
In terms of meaning and application, civilian and military differ to a significant extent. According to Swain (2019), the military approach to leadership and management usually involves commanding the subjects. Military leaders enjoy the latitude to decide what works best and enforce it as they provide a sense of direction. When using the military approach, the general belief is that giving orders and enforcing regulations bring out the desired results. Conversely, the civilian approach emphasizes engagement and participation. Kent (2020) postulated that the military technique is a decentralized approach to leadership and management where the subjects are involved in decision making. Consultation is high, and people are not led through orders and commands. Results vary profoundly when each method is used exclusively.
Despite their variation in meaning, civilian and military leadership and management promote service orientation. Service-oriented leadership dominates other methods. Like it happens to a military workforce, military officers often lead service members through risky and challenging situations. The devotion to serving is high, and leaders embrace inspiring their subjects by being committed to their assigned roles. As Sow (2018) explained, a civilian also delivers what is needed for them by being committed to duty and service. It is an approach where everyone is willing to share risks and sacrifices made by leaders, implying that the civilian approach's defining element is loyalty and commitment to service. Service-orientation increases the chances of success.
The other similarity between civilian and military in leadership and management is success through mentorship and training. As a military member and when using the military approach to leadership and management, leaders usually evaluate individual performances. Once the strengths are noted, a plan to improve their strength is designed, and mentorship and training are the commonly used techniques (Kent, 2020). As a catalyst for success, mentorship and training help members to remedy their weaknesses. The case is not different in the civilian leadership and management style. The method's guiding principle is orientation. After a person becomes acquainted with

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