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Evaluating Factors to Consider on Attaining Sustainable Business Management (Essay Sample)


Hi there I AM BASED IN THE UK, AND FROM THE BRIEF YOU WILL SEE THAT and address both the present, and potential future, risks and opportunities for Bedfordshire businesses. THIS IS IMPORTANT AS BEDFORDSHIRE IS IN THE UK AND IS WHERE I LIVE. I need 1800 words Please do NOT do the table of contents I will do this Number of references has not been stated by the tutor, but references must be provided Harvard Style referencing Double spaced I have attached Assignment one that i submitted as you many need to look over this as well. The Assignment I am ordering is Assignment two which is related to the case study. I am based in the UK and need the spelling and grammer to reflect this. No American spelling please. Please ensure you speak about Adnams company as being Resource Efficient because they reduce the environmental impact from the production of their products over their full life cycle by ensuring resources are produced and processed in a more sustainable way.. Adnams is working towards a circular economy and have traits of a circular economy, but to be circular you must be completely circular. THERE IS A SHORT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ABOUT THE ADNAMS COMPANY AS BELOW REE Case Study 3 Adnams (Energy & Water Efficiency) PLEASE USE JOURNAL ARTICLES WHEN NECESSARY


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For management to sustain their business, they should apply sustainable practices in the sections of their companies, society, environment, agriculture, and personal life by managing them to benefit both current generations and future generations. Many companies tend to fail or have hard times when they fail to mitigate the causes of business failure or success. Sustainability is becoming the most important for many companies across all field industries. 62% of executives prefer a sustainability plan necessary to be competitive today, and another 22% think it will be reliable in the future.
In simple terms, sustainability is a business approach to provide long-term value by considering how a given organization operates in the ecological, social and economic environment. Sustainability is made by the assumption that developing such strategies help to keep the company for a longer time. As the requirements on corporate responsibility increase and transparency become more preferred, companies realize the need to work on sustainability. Professional communications and good wills are no longer enough for sustainability.
According to (Fisk, 2010) in businesses, we face challenges that are complex and critical than ever. These challenges may have an unimaginable failure and an impact on the decisions made across the companies. An unstable economy and climate out of control, poverty, scarcity of natural resources extinction of spec
Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Business resilience is how companies are designed to react to crises of various kinds (whether internal or external). Every business franchise faces challenges in every step of growth; these challenges bring about adversity, resulting in enterprises shutting down; business resilience is an essential component of any successful organization. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the necessity of resilience. If companies are unprepared or structurally unable to bounce back from tough times, the result is often lost revenue (and lost talent).
Climate change, acts of terrorism, vandalism & accidents are all factors unto which the timing cannot be anticipated & therefore, a company need to prepare well ahead of time. Well, thinking about strategies are to be employed to avoid costly downtime & to maintain business operations in the face of unexpected occurrences. It also helps to strengthen them, make them more agile, and allow them to bounce back after difficult times (Emmons, 2013).
Business resilience is a competitive advantage as It keeps companies thinking, keeps them sharp, and builds a business designed to respond to challenges. Resilient companies approach situations not as challenges but as opportunities for optimization, growth, and success. They handle them to inspire continued confidence from people both inside and outside of the organization. Un precedented crises are now taken care of.
It is the act or process of changing to better suit a situation. The most successful business will be that which is intentional and strategic about managing its adaptive activities. It means adapting your business to the change in your ecosystem and adapting the opportunities within the ecosystem to help your business change for the better.
Organizational change is not optional to keep pace with business. According to (Mihoreanu 2014), many organizations face substantive modifications to some aspect of their business at one time or another. In any organization, there will always be problems that arise from changing circumstances. In noting these problems, some people get the reputation of being complainers rather than problem solvers. To become a fixer, you should identify the source of the problem and suggest direct actions to deal with it.
The organization should always be able to make a profit on work. Value addition to work in terms of organization restructuring brings in good returns. Value addition strategies should reduce organization costs. It is the responsibility of a company to keep customers satisfied& therefore, the company owners should always be concerned with doing their best and getting the most out of their employees. This attitude can provide the extra push to cut costs, improve productivity, and keep customers satisfied (Mihoreanu, 2014).
Most people do not like ambiguity or uncertainty, which are significant sources of anxiety, but they are also facts of life in this fast-changing world. Often you will have to make decisions without having all the points you need or knowing with any certainty what will happen. But, if you are willing to accept ambiguity and uncertainty and not let them prevent you from trying new things, you ultimately enhance your value to the organization. Learning to improvise and adapt to different and unexpected situations will give essential skills that will help the company's progress.

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