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Future of Work Legal Considerations (Essay Sample)

APA formatting and in text citations(3-4 references) Future of Work Legal considerations as it pertains to Human Resource Management Here is a few sources you may use if you'd like, thank you so much What is the Future of Work? | World Economic Forum Work Reimagined – The Future of Work is Changing The Future Of Work: 5 Biggest Workplace Trends In 2022 SAP: What is the Future of work source..
Future Of Work Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Future Of Work A prediction of how work, employees, and workplaces will change over the course of the next several years is referred to as "the future of work." Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) have the responsibility of working hard to ensure that their companies are successful in the present while also making the appropriate plans for the company's future. In addition, the supervisors and people in charge of human resources need to understand how the changing nature of work will affect their workplaces. As a direct result, organizations are becoming more adaptable, discovering new purposes, developing equality, and growing inclusiveness. Several different reasons may explain the evolution of the labor market. The digital world and the physical world are brought closer together by technology in a significant way. New developments, such as artificial intelligence, robots, and a globally linked economy, are being inspired by technology, transforming individuals' roles in their places of employment (Chopra & Bhilare, 2020). Even while technology is at the center of everything, other variables like remote work and the gig economy play a significant part in shaping the future. In addition, they will decide who will perform the job, how the work will be done, and where the workers will be doing the work (Chopra & Bhilare, 2020). In addition to this, workers will want to evaluate what employment is since one study found that 85 percent of the occupations that would be available in 2030 have not yet been identified (More, 2022). The interaction of these elements will guarantee that the task will be completed in an inventive and productive manner. The future of work also shows that most people have to work remotely, which brings about various challenges considering the laws. What worries those working from home the most is the possibility that they may be in danger and their family will be in danger due to their employment. The difficulty, when seen from a more macro perspective, is that no national regulations are in place to safeguard workers and their privacy, in addition to the relatively few state laws that are now in operation (Reynolds, 2022). This is against the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which is an ethical guideline for computer scientists. More specifically, rules 1.3 (be honest and trustworthy), 1.5 (respect the work required to produce new ideas, inventions, creative works, and computing artifacts), 1.6 (respect privacy), 2.2 (maintain high standards of professional competence, conduct, and ethical practice), and 4.1 (uphold, promote, and respect the principles of the Code) (IEEE Code of Ethics, 2022). [IEEE Code of Ethics] Unfortunately, these businesses are exploiting a gray area of the law due to the absence of a consistent legal strategy. In conclusion, it is unmistakable that businesses and other organizations need to start long-term planning in order to continue thriving in the here and now. The executive suite must maintain an openness to contemporary ideas and strategic choices to successfully effect workplace change. In addition, workers are responsible for ensuring that they are adequately prepared to deal with any changes that may occur in their place of employment. As a result, businesses will be well prepared for whatever the future has in store for...
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