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Chipotle food safety crisis (Essay Sample)

this essay task was about analysising how chipotle restaurant handle food safety crisis. the essay required an analysis of ethical issue of the case when chipotle restaurant registered food contamination scandal, how chipotle restaurant handled the food safety crisis and, the Role of the Center for Disease Control and How They Help Chipotle Manage the Crisis. source..
Chipotle food safety crisis Student’s name Institution 1 Ethical Issues of This Case The Chipotle restaurant has been at the center of discussion for various food contamination scandals. In 2015, this restaurant was linked to E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus outbreak. By closely evaluating these outbreaks, we can easily identify the ethical issues resulting in epidemics of those deadly diseases. Bad management behavior toward food safety and policies is the main moral issue in this case. Failure by the restaurant's management to ensure their employees understood the food protocols, policies, and practices caused the crisis that made hundreds of restaurant customers sick [walker, 2017]. 2 Chipotle Handling of Food Safety Crisis According to several experts, the management of Chipotle restaurant handled the crisis well. The restaurant was seen to be aggressive in managing the problem. They closed down the affected restaurants for deep cleaning. They also held a countrywide meeting to deliberate on the way forward. Apart from this, Chipotle management proved their loyalty to their employees by offering fully paid sick days to the employees who were ill and were required to stay at home until their symptoms disappeared. The chipotle restaurant also implemented programs for food safety to assess the risks of every ingredient on their menu. This was done through testing based on the DNA of the element before they were shipped to the stores [walker, 2017]. ...
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