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Gender Pay Gap. Gender Pay Gap and Leadership Roles (Essay Sample)


Discussing at least five factors that affect gender pay differentials and constitute barriers
to females from reaching higher hierarchical positions.


Question 3: Gender Pay Gap and Leadership Roles
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The gender pay differentiation or gap is the payment variations between the salaries paid to men and women who are in the working class. Generally, women were considered to receive less pay compared to that of men. There are various factors that the latter takes into consideration during payment, such as job experience, occupations chosen and the education. If an individual tends taking time off, she is likely to be paid less compared to that individual that dedicates much time on the work. Internationally, remuneration for women is considered to be 80% of that earned by men. In most cases, the gender pay differentials is expressed as a form of discrimination where women with the same levels of knowledge and expertise as men are paid less even when they are working the same number of hours. Although the wage gap has considerably reduced over the last few decades, there is still a significant gap that needs to be eliminated as well. Debates concerning the difference have been on the rise and various factors that influence to the gap in gender wage. This essay will focus on factors influencing factors the gender-pay differentials, which constitutes barriers among the women in reaching higher positions in a working hierarchy. The essay will moreover critically discuss the capability of women in corporate leadership in enhancing firm's performance.  
Factors Influencing the Gender Pay Gap
* Gender Stereotype
In the early centuries, women were engaged in different labours that did not require skills and educational qualifications. These activities included cleaning, cooking, bringing up children and caregiving. On the other hand, men were considered to be breadwinners in their family and, therefore, held other prestigious jobs such as doctors, engineers, bankers and other significant professions that required further education, expertise, and technical skills (Graf, Brown, & Patten, 2018). The situation has not yet been rectified since women are still discriminated in different workplaces. Even when women add more effort to have the same experience and education qualifications to that of men, they still face pay difference.

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