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Government and Private Sector Compensation in Canada (Essay Sample)


Please present a current topic relating to the field of employee compensation in Canada .Provide an overview of the selected subject and discuss how it relates to the course content cover( i will attach notes from the book about the class)
The class is about compensation & benefits
Please be clear to what the topic is about
Thepresentation grade will be based on the following points:
a) Relevance, content and knowledge of the topic and quality of discussion. Information is clear,appropriate and accurate.
b) The presentation is organized in a clear and logical sequence.
c) Your ability to integrate and analyze the topic with a variety of course themes and material


Public and Private Sector Compensation in Canada
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Government and Private Sector Compensation in Canada
Compensation is a primary source of motivation for employees. In most cases, people look for jobs that suit their creativity and talents and compensate them adequately in terms of wages and benefits. How people are paid affects their behaviour at work and the institution’s chances of success. One issue that is a subject of contention in Canada is a total compensation gap between the public and private sectors. In the last few decades, several studies have found that public sector employees seem to have an advantage over private-sector employees (Lahey, 2011). Therefore, this paper discusses the total compensation gap between public and private sector employees and its causes as higher compensation in the public sector contributes to persistent deficits and growing government debt.
Previous studies have shown that public sector employees enjoy a wage premium over their private sector counterparts. Gunderson’s (1979) study, which examined the differences in wage between the public and private sectors, found that Canada’s wage premium was, on average, 7.7 percent in the public sector relative to the private 

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