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Industrial Pollution Management Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


how Industrial Pollution Management Standards Lessens Global Warming


Industrial Pollution Management Standards Lessens Global Warming
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Industrial Pollution Management Standards Lessens Global Warming
The combustion of industrial fossil fuels poses a challenge to the atmosphere due to the causation of global warming. This development is attributed to uncontrolled Carbon (IV) Oxide emission to the atmosphere by these industries. Besides, global warming has been linked to human influences in the name of industrialization. However, the catastrophe received a cold mitigation approach until the onset of severe effects posed. This negligence has been characterized by sharp rises in temperature that have brought about the greenhouse effect and receding ice caps in temperate regions (Diffenbaugh et al, 2017) Henceforth, there is need to prevent further global warming since it has adverse effects on the health and livelihoods of human beings, plants, and animals globally. Global warming is a concurrent issue arising from the consequences of industrialization and so improved industrial pollution management lessens global warming.

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