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Leadership (Essay Sample)

the task was a question paper about leadership. the sample was supposed to expose whether I can identify leadership when I see it and also how it looks like to me. additionally, in the sample, I was supposed to disclose an example of leadership in action in real life i have witnessed and what made me decide that it was leadership. source..
Leadership Student’s Name Professor’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Code Date Leadership Question 1 Yes, I do know leadership when I see it. Leadership can be a complex concept. While some believe it can be identified through characteristics, others believe it is a skill or a learned behavior that is perfected with time. Therefore, combining the two aspects is how identify leadership when I see it. There are people that are born with leadership traits such as intelligence, charisma and determination. These characteristics help identify potential leaders and predict their success in their roles. Also, there are individuals that become leaders through learning and practicing skills necessary for effective leadership. Therefore, apart from being born a leader, one can also practice being one and perfect the skills that make one identifiable. Question 2 Leadership to me is someone’s ability to inspire and guide others toward achieving something. The fact that people have different attitudes, beliefs and behaviors make leadership to be difficult. Ensuring that people with different interests, backgrounds and values work together toward a common goal is leadership. Leadership is all about making decisions in the best interest of other people or an organization and taking responsibility for the outcomes. It is about motivating and inspiring others to join the leader in the effort of achieving something. To achieve this, a leader has to be respectful, make everyone feel valued and let people commu...
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